Thursday, August 16, 2012

Samuel Rutherford: an introduction to his theology #2

A word cloud of the text of Samuel Rutherford: An Introduction to His Theology (see table of contents below). This book can now be purchased from Reformation Heritage Books for $22.

Strangely, for someone who had a significant role in shaping one of the most important theological documents of modern times, Rutherford’s theology has fallen under comparative neglect. It offers, however, a valuable key to understanding the original intentions and context behind the Westminster standards.

Too many of Rutherford’s works are long out of print and were never reprinted after his lifetime; similarly his Latin works have never been translated into English. It would be immensely satisfying to think that this volume might encourage scholars, readers and publishers to invest in realising the goal of reviving these long obscured writings. It is hoped that the varied approaches contained within this collection may help to point to the richness and the rigour of this underestimated theologian and to stimulate further research and interest in Rutherford and his theology.

The General Table of Contents is as follows.

Chronology of Samuel Rutherford’s Life and Times

Revaluing Rutherford’s Theological Contribution
Chapter 1 Introduction: Samuel Rutherford Redivivus
Matthew Vogan
Chapter 2 Samuel Rutherford’s Theology in its Historical Context
San-Deog Kim

Rutherford and Practical Theology
Chapter 3 Samuel Rutherford and the Theology and Practice of Preaching
Matthew Vogan
Chapter 4 The Two shall become One Flesh: Samuel Rutherford’s ‘Affectionate’ Theology of Union with
Christ in the Song of Songs
Guy Richard
Chapter 5 Samuel Rutherford’s Polemic against Antinomianism in Christ Dying, and Drawing Sinners to Himself
Matthew Vogan
First Extract from Rutherford: The Influences of the Life of Grace

Rutherford and Covenant Theology
Chapter 6 Samuel Rutherford’s Contribution to Covenant Theology in Scotland
D. Patrick Ramsey
Chapter 7 Samuel Rutherford and the Preached Covenant
Sherman Isbell
Second Extract from Rutherford:
The Covenant of Life Opened

Rutherford and Ecclesiastical Theology
Chapter 8  Introduction to Samuel Rutherford’s The Due Right of Presbyteries
Sherman Isbell
Chapter 9  Samuel Rutherford on The Eldership of Matthew 18:17 and 1 Corinthians 5:4: The Ministerial Assembly of Elders Holds the Power to Bind and Loose
Richard Bacon
Third Extract from Rutherford:  A Peaceable and Temperate Plea for Paul’s Presbyterie in Scotland

Rutherford and Political Theology
Chapter10 Samuel Rutherford on Civil Government
David McKay
Chapter 11  Samuel Rutherford and Liberty of Conscience
Crawford Gribben
Fourth Extract from Rutherford:  A Brotherly and Free Epistle to the Patrons and Friends of Pretended Liberty of Conscience

Rutherford and the Covenanted Reformation
Chapter 12 A Half Reformation: English Puritanism  according to Samuel Rutherford
Michael Brown
Fifth Extract from Rutherford: Testimony to the Covenanted Work of Reformation, in Britain and Ireland