Monday, October 03, 2005

the side winds of christian experience

"tribulation worketh patience, and patience experience"

I have heard that a full wind behind the ship drives her not so fast forward as a side wind, that seems almost as much against her as with her; and the reason, they say, is because a full wind fills but some of her sails, which keep it from the rest, that they are empty; when a side wind fills all her sails, and sets her speedily forward. Whichever way we go in this world our affections are our sails; and according as they are spread and filled, so we pass on swifter or slower, whither we are steering. Now, if the Lord should give us a full wind and continued gale of mercies, it would fill but some of our sails - some of our affections - joy , delight and the like. But when he comes with a side-wind - a dispensation that seems almost as much against us as for us - then he fills our sails, takes up all our affections, making His works wide and broad enough to entertain every one, - then we are carried full and freely towards the haven where we would be"

John Owen