Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Scottish Reformation Society Historical Journal Vol 2

The Scottish Reformation Society Historical Journal contains articles on Scottish Church history written from an evangelical perspective. Subjects in the 2012 issue include the Constitutional Principle of the Scottish Reformation; Robert Bruce in Inverness; Walter Ker and the Sweet Singers; Alexander Shields and the Revolution Settlement; the Literary Labours of the Apostle of the North; Robert Shanks of Buckie; James MacGregor and the Robertson Smith Case; Resistance to the 1892 Declaratory Act in Argyllshire; and the Chisholmites of Achmore.

Monday, February 06, 2012

the progress of sin

"Vice first is pleasing; then it grows easily; then delightful; then frequent; then habitual; then confirmed; then the man is impenitent; then he is obstinate; then he resolves never to repent; and then he is damned." Edward Reynolds as quoted by Charles Bridges on Eccl. 8:11