Monday, July 30, 2012

Scotland must be rid of Scotland

"Ye that are the people of God, do not weary in maintaining the testimony of the day, in your stations and places; and whatever you do, make sure an interest in Christ, for there is a storm coming, which will try your foundations. Scotland must be rid of Scotland before the delivery come."
- Some of the last words of James Renwick on the scaffold

Robert Wodrow "I do not doubt but Mr Renwick's meaning might be, that a great many of that wicked persecuting time behoved to be so far swept off the stage as to make Scotland, as it were, a new people and nation. But I think likewise that martyrs at their death, and even ordinary believers that die under the administration of an abundant entrance, do not themselves know the full extent of their own impressions, or the expressions they make use of under them ; and many times after providences make the best commentary upon them".