Friday, October 22, 2010

24 hours away from the black hole

University students around the world are taking part in an experiment called "Unplugged" to see how we react to a total media black-out. They have to avoid radio, television, the internet and mobile phones for 24 hours. Some of us do this every week, it's called the Christian Sabbath although self-control shouldn't be limited to that. But apparently for some students it is "akin to torture". "Every single person [so far] has said there was an eerie or deafening silence - that it was scary and isolating. They are just not used to existing without background music." They are disconnected and empty. In fact, all the signs of addicts in withdrawal are there. There's actually an internet addiction test that you can take. It's a bit shocking if not surprising to see how far the media governs and saturates the lives of people in our society. The evidence of infinite distraction is more apparent than the last post on this blog estimated.

Thinking, reading, writing, praying, talking, visiting widows and orphans in their affliction, meditating on the truth...they're all things that the always-connected media world distracts us from. If we're feeling that we don't have the time for these the answer may well lie in disconnecting a lot more.