Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Love.s Debt

MY desire is that my Lord would give me broader and deeper thoughts, to feed myself with wondering at His love. I would I could weigh it, but I have no balance for it. When I have worn my tongue to the stump in praising of Christ, I have done nothing
to Him. I must let Him alone, for my withered arms will not go about His high, wide, long, and broad love. What remaineth, then, but that my debt to the love of Christ be unpaid for all eternity? ... O, if this land and nation would come and stand beside His inconceivable and glorious perfections, and look in, and love and wonder and adore! Would to God I could bring in many lovers to Christ’s house! But this nation hath
forsaken the fountain of living waters. Lord, cast not water on Scotland’s coal. Woe, woe will be to this land because of the day of the Lord’s fierce anger, that is so fast coming.

Samuel Rutherford.