Thursday, February 07, 2008

Audio Sermons

The internet has allowed wider and easier distrubution of recorded sermons. There are some excellent audio sermons available on the internet. There is a wide range available from including rare sermons from FP ministers from the past and also Youth Conference papers. The same site has links to Prof. John Murray's lectures on mp3. There are also a large quantity of sermons available at
The Trinitarian Bible Society has a number of good lectures on important issues at
The Inverness branch of the Scottish Reformation Society has its lectures available as does the Stornoway and Aberdeen branches.
Perhaps the first one to listen to ought to a narrated version of Thomas Boston's sermon on Luke 8:18 "Take Heed Therefore How Ye Hear"
The points are:
1. Some things that go before hearing. 
2. Some Things that go with hearing.
3. Some Things that Follow after hearing the word.