Wednesday, May 02, 2007

BBC broadcast Gay Romish Mass

For their "Sunday Worship" programme the BBC decided to broadcast a service from the Roman Catholic Parish of Most Holy Redeemer, San Francisco which is notorious for its support of gay activism. In the script of the mass Fr Donal Godfrey, Society of Jesus, leads the service "exploring how gay people can find a place in the Christian narrative and speaks of the gift of faith" Godfrey says "approximately 80% of the parishioners here are gay" and goes on to say "what you thought was evil, corrupting, life denying is in fact good, liberating, and life giving."

Sr Cleta Herold goes on to say later in the service: "When we decided to open the doors of this church to the gay community, 22 years ago, I discovered that what we were doing was in fact unbinding God. We were having to look at our own narrative of who god is, be it a white god, or a black god, male, female, straight, or gay."

The preacher was Dr. James Alison a Roman Catholic theologian, priest, and author. He is noted for his work on gay issues and lives in England. His books include: "The Joy of Being Wrong, Original Sin Through Easter Eyes", "Faith Beyond Resentment, Fragments Catholic and Gay (2001)" and "Undergoing God: Dispatches from the Scene of a Break-In".

The incident reveals further what many have known for some time, the popularity of homosexuality within Roman Catholicism, particularly in the USA.